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1936 Auburn
Model 852 4-Door Convertible

1936 factory price: $1,725
engine: Lycoming supercharged straight 8
transmission: 3 speed manual with a Columbia 2-speed rear axle (dual-ratio)
manufactured: Auburn, Indiana

This rakish, powerful sporting automobile was a preferred driver's choice during the rip-roaring mid-1930s.

However, the Auburn Automobile Company along with Duesenberg and Cord were struggling to recover financially after the Depression years. Therefore this 1936 model Auburn is almost identical to the 1935 model; and by mid-1937 neither Auburn, Cord, nor Duesenberg were building any automobiles.

Sadly, in 1937, each of these three great American automobile names passed into automotive history.

Vehicle on loan courtesy of owner Frank Cek of Euclid, Ohio

The interior  Suicide door Dual Ratio control Luxurious back seat Side view Supercharged! Side shot The lady  Tail lamp detail From the front

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